What to expect from the Macys Fine Jewelry event

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Macys fine jewelry company is holding its annual Fine Jewelers show this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

The event is open to the public, and Macys is inviting customers to attend.

It will be a full-day event, and the company says that it is expecting attendance to be in the thousands.

The company also has an open house on Friday.

The show features macys signature pieces, including a set of diamond brooches, a set that includes a custom-machined brooch and a pair of handcrafted pearl brooched brooche broocher.

The Macys broochers are made in Italy by hand, using traditional tools and techniques that are only available at Macys stores, the company said.

Macys also has two special collections of hand-selected diamonds.

One, called “Cherry Moon” is made by hand in the USA and is available for $5,000.

The other, called, “Panda,” is made in China and is priced at $1,500.

Macys will be exhibiting these diamonds for the first time in Atlanta.

Here’s what you can expect to see at the Macy’s Fine Jewelries show this Saturday: The Macys Brooches will be sold out for the full day.

You can expect people to line up for hours to get a glimpse of these beautiful stones.

There will also be a limited number of limited-edition diamond brooch pieces available for purchase on site.

In addition to the Brooche, there will be an assortment of other Macys pieces on display.

One of the pieces is a set made by macys hand craftsman for the show.

There will be two different varieties of diamond that will be available for sale.

The “Diamond Pendant” is a $1.2 million diamond brooche that is the size of a diamond.

It has a 1:1 scale diamond ratio and a 24-karat gold ring.

The diamond is engraved with a portrait of a female macys employee.

The $1 million “Diamond Lining” is an 8.5-carat, hand-cut diamond that is made of a 10-carats of diamonds.

It is the same size as the Diamond Pendant and has a 6-carotat, 10-karas diamond ring, according to the company.

Each diamond will be $10,000 in price.

All of the diamonds are handmade in Italy.

Each is hand-carved and hand-stitched.

They are available for order via Macys website, or at Macy Fine Jeweler’s showroom.

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