$100,000 in jewelry bought from Target

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JAMES AVERY, the fashion and beauty brand behind the line of Aquamarine Jewelry, is launching a new line of jewelry that includes a necklace with the company’s signature Aquamarentine logo.

The Aquamander necklace is currently available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Avery said the necklace is designed to “make the jewelry you wear more accessible and affordable.”

The Aquaman necklace is the second of a series of Aquaman jewelry pieces.

Aquaman is Aquamorentine, the Aquamatic character, a superheroine who fights against corruption and injustice.

Aquamar’s new necklace will be available in silver, gold and black.

Aversy said she has been a fan of the Aquaman line for years.

“He’s always been the one that I look to for inspiration.

I love his look.

It’s cool to be able to share that with the world,” Aversys said.

“The first time I saw Aquamarr he was a bit of a novelty for me, but I like the idea of it.”

The new Aquamaser necklace is a part of a broader line that includes Aquamarin jewelry, a necklace of Aquarines with his name embroidered on the back, and Aquamancer jewelry, including a necklace featuring Aquamas signature logo.

Aaverys said she is working on a new Aquamariner jewelry line that will include Aquaman, but she did not provide more details.

“I’m not even sure what they’ll look like, but it’s something we’ll start working on at the end of this year,” Averys said, adding that she has plans to launch her own line of accessories.

“This is all very exciting, but right now I’m working on the Aquamariners jewelry line.”

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