When the US shuts down, Japan can turn to the internet for protection

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Japanese authorities have announced that the country will shut down its internet services for a year, effectively shutting down the internet and the country’s mobile network as a whole.

The decision is part of a government effort to fight cybercrime that has been plagued by attacks from the countrys most powerful hacker group, Anonymous.

Japan’s government announced the decision Thursday.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the decision was prompted by the threat posed by a “major cyberattack.”

The attack was “extremely severe,” the spokesman said.

The hacker group Anonymous is widely believed to be responsible for the cyberattacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and other companies.

A group of hackers, led by the group’s leader, has claimed responsibility for those attacks.

“Our government is determined to confront the cyberthreat and is working hard to prevent such attacks from taking place in the future,” Abe said in a statement.

The move comes less than a week after Tokyo ordered all its government-run websites and social media accounts to be shut down as a result of the attack on Sony.

The government has already suspended some internet service providers, though it said it is planning to resume service as early as next week.

The Tokyo government also plans to make it harder for foreigners to get around Japan’s strict immigration rules by making it harder to bring in visitors from outside the country.

The Japanese government has faced criticism in the past for using the internet to combat cybercrime.

In the case of Sony, a group of attackers gained access to the company’s network, and the government is demanding that the company stop distributing Sony Pictures movies and music.

But some security experts say that the threat of Anonymous is so large that it is unlikely to be contained.

“The government is not planning to shut down the Japanese internet.

It is only taking measures to protect Japanese citizens from this threat,” said Kenji Ueda, a researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Defense Technology.

“But I think it is important to remember that this is a global threat.

The US government is a country with a lot of internet users.

If they are able to penetrate the Japanese government’s network it will be a global phenomenon.”

The Japan Times contributed to this report.

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