When Prince Albert bought a butterfly necklace, he thought it was an expensive novelty

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When Prince Charles bought a necklace that was designed to look like a butterfly, he said he thought the design was “an expensive novelty.”

The butterfly was, in fact, made from butterfly parts.

According to a statement released by the Charles, the butterfly is the gift of his friend, Prince Albert.

“I’m a huge fan of the Prince,” said Charles.

“The way that he carries himself, he’s very thoughtful, he is very well-groomed and he has this amazing sense of humor.

And it was a great experience.” “

He was so much of a gentleman to me, he was so caring, he gave me his hand.

And it was a great experience.”

He added, “I just thought it would be a great way to celebrate my friendship with the Prince.”

The necklace, which is a gold necklace, has a black border around the butterfly’s wings.

A blue butterfly on the outside and the word “Love” on the inside.

It measures 4.5 inches (11 centimeters) across and 5.5 inch (15 centimeters) long.

The butterfly is made of gold and silver, and is sold for $4,500.

It is made in China.

The Charles and Prince Charles have made a name for themselves in jewelry, as their company, the Charles & Charles Group, has sold more than 50,000 pieces of jewelry.

The jewelry business is booming for the two families.

The Princess and the Prince have amassed a fortune of more than $50 billion, according to Forbes.

“This is an opportunity for us to continue to expand our reach in the jewelry world and make sure that our people have access to this great product,” said Princess Beatrice, who is in her second term as the Queen’s second in command.

The royal family also owns a vast collection of fine jewelry and other items, including a gold watch worth more than four million pounds ($7.5 million).

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