The NFL’s next star? It’s the best of all worlds

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The NFL is gearing up for its annual All-Star game, and it’s shaping up to be the most entertaining of all the festivities.

Here are five reasons why.


It’s not just about winning The All-Stars have already become the focal point of the NFL, and the league will no doubt try to create a spectacle that will make the All-Americans’ coronation look like a cakewalk.

This year’s game will feature a handful of star players and their respective coaches, with a chance to see some of the league’s brightest prospects and young guns make their All-Pro debuts.

It should be a good time.


It could be a game of who’s best This year will feature the best and brightest on the NFL’s roster.

All-Pros such as Aaron Donald, DeSean Jackson, J.J. Watt, Aaron Donald and Mike Evans have already been announced, and this year’s group will include a few who have not made the leap yet.

That said, the game could be played on the heels of the All Big Game, a weeklong event in which the NFL teams play in their own stadiums.

This is what happens when the league has to balance the demands of the season and the game.


The Super Bowl is a big deal Everyone loves a good Super Bowl, and there are a lot of reasons why the Super Bowl should be the biggest game of the year.

But for the first time, the Super All-stars game will be played in the first of two preseason games, with the game set to begin at 8 a.m.

ET on Thursday, Feb. 12, with ESPN’s “GameDay.”

The league has already announced that there will be two home games, one on Sunday and one on Monday, and ESPN has announced that it will be playing the first two games at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., which is one of the biggest venues in the NFL.

That makes it even more important for the league to have a great fan base, and having the NFL games be broadcast on national TV would be huge.


The All Star Game could become a national event The All Stars game will give fans the chance to watch some of their favorite players in person, and that’s going to be an even bigger deal.

The NFL has a history of having games in which its players are all-stars, but that hasn’t always worked out as well as the All Stars.

In 2014, the league had to make adjustments to the game after some fans protested after some of its All-America players, including Michael Sam, Brandon Marshall and DeAndre Hopkins, refused to stand for the national anthem before a game against the Cleveland Browns.

That prompted the league, which has the second-most All-American players behind the Chicago Bears, to reevaluate the rules of the game, which is where the All Star game fits in.

In 2015, the NFL tried to change the format of the games in order to give players more time to practice, but it ultimately decided to keep the format.

The league also added more time for players to meet with fans during the games, which means that the AllStars game will have the most attention during the AllStar festivities.


The game will also provide a chance for the Superstars to show off their talents and make a name for themselves The AllStar game could give the All Pros a chance at showing off their skill sets, which will be something the NFL has never had.

The Pro Bowl has traditionally been the most important game for the Pro Bowl, with teams taking on teams from the same conference or conference that the Pro Bowler is from.

The 2015 game is the first one in which Pro Bowl players will have to face each other.

And that’s exactly what the NFL is looking for.

The players who make the cut for the Allstar game will not only be making their debuts, but also having a chance on stage to show the world what they can do in the pros.

If the Pro Football Hall of Fame can get enough votes, that could mean some Hall of Famers could be chosen to make the game’s first All-Decade team.

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