What to know about mejuri necklace from ‘Parks and Recreation’ episode

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Pawnee, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — Pawnees native americans who were featured in a recent episode of Parks and Rec have a new name.

It is called Mejuri.

It’s a word that means “white” or “white,” and the Mejuris people in this part of Texas are not white.

The name Mejuran means “people of color.”

It was created by a group of Native American and white people who have been studying the history of the people of the Meijuri people in Texas for many years.

The name came about because there were many of the Native Americans who lived in the area, and we were just seeing them being erased from the story.

It has a huge impact on the story and the storytellers of the show, said the group, which is called the Mejlis.

This is a big moment, they said, because we finally get to share this.

I really believe that we can help the American people understand how much of a history the Mejamuri people have in this country, said Mejuria’s Mechele Buell.

The Mejuras are indigenous people living in the Great Plains of the United States.

They were once the dominant tribe in the region, but over time they were pushed out by the development of the railroad.

They are now living in other parts of the country.

They are also part of the Apache Tribe in the United Kingdom.

The group created a name for themselves, Mejury, after their tribal leader, who was a famous figure in the American Indian Movement.

In the episode, the Mejayes were forced to move into a cabin by a fire in the forest.

The fire destroyed the cabin and the people were forced out.

The Mejuries found the name Mejauri a fitting name for them, they told CBS News.

The group is trying to find another name that fits the Mejauris.

The episode also touched on the MeJamuri people’s traditional burial practices.

They have a ceremony where they have to gather around a fire, and they then take their headdress and wear it over their face.

It was also great to hear the Mejas talk about the challenges of life in the North American environment, said Buella.

We’ve been around for thousands of years, they added.

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