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‘We are here to support’: JTV founder shares her love of music and the arts

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JTV is a jewelry and accessories company in Sydney.

It started out as a women’s store, but now it has become a jewellery and accessories retailer, selling everything from earrings to bracelets to necklaces.

JTV has been a favourite among women for years, and for good reason: it has been one of Australia’s biggest retailers for years.

It has also had a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

But it was the rise of the internet, and the growth of social media that has changed everything for the business.

“When the internet first came along, we were just doing the old stuff,” Ms Taggart says.

“We were just putting stuff in the back and putting it in the fridge, just to be able to put the internet in there.”

It was a big leap for the brand, and Ms Tapper says the online presence has helped them grow.

“It’s a huge change in how we sell our goods and how we communicate with our customers, but also in the way we communicate,” she says.

The brand is still focusing on the traditional ways of doing business.

But Ms Tappers and her team have started to think about the way they are going to do it differently.

They want to create a more curated and curated store that offers a more personalised experience for customers.

Ms Tatton says they are not looking to just keep existing, but change the way that they do business.

They are planning to focus on bringing in more new customers and expanding their business beyond just jewelry and earrings.

“Our focus is really on making it a place where people can come and get their engagement ring, get their necklace, get a new piece of jewellery,” she said.

“And then we are trying to get more people coming in and actually buying a piece of jewelry that they will wear everyday.”

The brand will also be changing the way it delivers engagement rings and other jewelry to the public.

“What we are doing is we are starting to give our customers more of a personalized service and we are actually starting to deliver a lot of jewelry through our website and through our mobile app,” Ms Turner says.

“[We’re] trying to create more engagement rings for the customer, but in a way that is also tailored to the person, so that they are really engaged in that piece of art and they are just not looking at a lot more.”

The company’s plan is to take that service to other categories too.

“For example, we are working on an online store where you can buy a bracelet that is handmade by a professional,” Ms Taylor says.

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