Costco, the Jewelry Exchange, launches its own app

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By RTE News serviceThe world’s largest discount retailer has unveiled a new way of paying for jewellery.

The app will allow shoppers to browse, search and buy items using their mobile phone.

It will be launched this week on the Apple Watch and Google Fit devices.

Costco’s website will also feature a section for jewellers to sell their wares on the app.

A costco jewellery website is expected to be launched next month.

The jewellery exchange, founded in 2009, has about 20,000 retail outlets across the UK, and in the US it has become the world’s biggest seller of premium items for women’s and men’s fashion.

Its website, jewellery drawer organizer will let shoppers buy jewellery using their phone or tablet.

The website also has a section where shoppers can purchase and sell jewellery on the App.

A price list will be added to the app to let shoppers know what they are paying for.

A “pre-order” section will also be available to let buyers know what items they can buy in advance for the first time.

There is no mention of an initial release date.

Costca’s website is already the largest seller of women’s clothing and jewellery for the Apple and Android devices.

A similar store,, was launched in the UK last year.

The company, which has about 300 stores across the US, Australia and New Zealand, has a history of launching a range of different products to cater to different consumer needs.

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