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Sam’s shoes are still a “great deal” on Amazon, despite being a “curse” that has plagued the brand for the last few years, according to the shoemaker’s co-founder and COO.

Sam’s Shoes has been an Amazon seller for decades.

Its popularity has not been sustained by new products and instead relies on loyalty and a good relationship with customers.

The shoe store has been a hit for years.

The company recently announced that it will be closing its flagship store in Manhattan and has closed its stores in Austin and Atlanta.

“Sam’s shoes were not a success for us, it wasn’t a great deal for us.

We’ve been around for 50 years, and we don’t need to do that anymore,” said Sam Kagan, co-CEO and co-Founder.

“I think people are tired of it, and they’re tired of the curse, so I’m going to keep going and doing what I love doing.”

The Sam’s brand is a direct competitor to Nike, as both companies have huge consumer-facing presence in the United States.

Sam’s is one of only two independent shoe brands in the US that sell directly to consumers.

The other is Reebok, which has stores in almost all of the country’s major cities.

Sams shoes are “a good deal for customers,” but its a curse that is hurting the brand, Kagan said.

Sam Kagen’s Sam’s and Reeboks are now out of business. 

 The Sams Shoes chain has been in business for over 100 years.

It is a great company and great for its employees, but we can’t afford to be a curse.

Sam and Reboks are good for the brand.

They bring people into the store.

They get people excited about the product, and it keeps the brand going.

We don’t have to be Sams, we don

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