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What’s in a diamond?

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JARED WIGGLER, BBC News – It’s not a ring or a necklace.

It’s a piece of jewelry.

Jewelry, of course, has become a global industry, but it’s also a global business that makes it hard for some to get access to their money.

So, this is a small, simple diamond that can be bought from an ordinary jeweller for as little as $10 and has a diamond cut in it that can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Jewelers in Australia and New Zealand are also taking advantage of this new global trend.

The blue diamond has become such a big business, in fact, that they are now putting the cut-out into their rings.

But the jeweler, Jade, is a jeweler for all Australians, with a branch in Melbourne.

And the company that makes the cut out is known as Jade.

I was looking at it, and it’s just so beautiful.

The cut out was just beautiful, it was so nice to have that.

Jade has been growing rapidly over the last few years.

In the last year, the company has been selling to more than 300 different countries, with plans to expand.

The company says it’s selling to over 40 countries in the next 12 months.

Jade’s growth has been fuelled by a number of factors, including the fact that Australians are so busy with our lives that it’s very hard to see people’s faces and see their eyes when you’re watching the news.

Jade is also able to sell through an online platform, which is also an extension of the way Australians watch the news online.

And because Jade is so small, it also has a lot of potential.

So Jade’s growing is also fuelled by the fact the diamond is a relatively small cut out.

And, as you can see in the pictures, the cut is just a tiny bit larger than an inch.

So it has the potential to be used as a way of keeping track of how much money is in your wallet.

It has also the potential for people to make a bigger contribution to the economy, as well as the possibility of having their name on it, because it is so valuable.

And we have seen this in other countries.

For example, in China, they’ve been selling cut outs of diamonds to the general public for as low as $1 each.

Jade says that the cut outs it sells are so popular because they’re affordable.

It also has the added benefit of making it easy for people who are just starting out to start making a difference in their community.

It really is the people who have the biggest impact on society who have a lot more to give.

Jade said that they sell cut outs for $5 or $6 each and they have to be delivered to the recipient’s home.

But it doesn’t matter if it’s a big cut or small one.

It doesn’t make any difference.

And it’s still a cut out, so it’s the same price that you’d pay at a regular jewellery shop.

But Jade says it can also be used for social good.

The people who live in the community who have diamond cut outs can use them for a donation of food to their neighbours.

They can give it to their children who are hungry, or it can be used to help build schools and libraries.

So they really are giving back in a positive way.

And Jade said it’s about being a community.

The diamonds cut out are the way to say, ‘Look, I’m here and I’m helping to make this community better.’

They’re also the way of saying, ‘I’m here to help you, because I’m giving back, and I think that’s what we’re all about.’

The cut-outs are a way to make it easy to donate, as people can put their name and their address on them, which means that people can donate to the charity that they want, instead of going to the bank and putting a big check.

So that can really be a good thing.

And they’re also a way for people in the neighbourhood to help each other.

And this is an example of the positive impact that Diamonds Cut Out has had.

In Victoria, the charity says that Diamond’s Cut Out is the biggest diamond charity in the country.

They also have a network of more than 200 partners in the local community, where people can use the cutouts to help them with their local needs, including food and clothing.

But they are also working on ways to use the diamond cut out to help other people in their communities, to help the environment and to help people with disabilities.

Jade also has plans to open a branch here in Australia in the coming years, and in New Zealand they are doing the same.

And in South Africa, the Jewelers Association of South Africa has said that Diamond Cut Out can help the local economy in the Cape Town area.

We hope that this is the beginning of the next chapter for Jade

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