What to expect at the breast milk exchange in Tustin

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Tustins medical office will be closed until Feb. 26 for a breast milk jewelry exchange.

The exchange will offer breast milk for about $1.25 to $1,50, said Jennifer Tufano, medical director of the Tustiners office.

The exchange is operated by the nonprofit Breast Milk Alliance.

Tufano said she has seen the number of new mothers who need breast milk decrease.

Breast milk has become an option for many women, she said.

But she said there have been a few new moms who have come in for breast milk after not receiving it before.

She said many women are asking, “Why am I paying more than I should for breast feeders?”

She said a lot of women feel pressured to buy breast milk because they are more expensive, and it’s not really the right choice for them.

Tustins pediatrician, Dr. John Ewing, said it is a difficult thing for parents to understand.

Breastfeeding is a complicated process that requires coordination and support from all of the family members, he said.

Ewing said the exchange will help mothers understand why they are having so many children and why they may need to make some decisions about their health care.

Tuckerman said she will use her credit card to pay for the jewelry, which will include a gift certificate to her local jeweler.

She said she’s not going to use the jewelry in a store or store of her own.

The breast milk auction will be held at the Tuckerman’s office on Wednesday, Feb. 25, and will be open to the public, Tufanos said.

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