‘I had the feeling of my life ending’: Woman with tattoos and tattoos of a cat’s head cries in court

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A woman who had tattoos of her cat’s face and the words “I had to die” painted across her chest has cried out in court.

In March, a jury found Danielle Molloy guilty of first-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the 2013 stabbing death of her mother, Patricia Molloys.

In a hearing before Judge Jeffrey B. Smith, Molloyer said she was afraid for her life and wanted to be “free” but did not realize that what she was doing was illegal.

“I had a feeling of your life ending,” MollOY said, according to court documents obtained by CNN.

“I was a slave to your tattoos, and you told me to kill myself.”

Molloy said she went to work at a salon to earn money, and she started a tattoo business.

But when she left, she had the tattoo removed and her mother began to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There’s nothing I can do about this tattoo,” she said in court documents.

“If I go to jail, I will be a dead woman.

I’m going to be the first one that’s found guilty.”

In an emotional speech at her sentencing, Smith described Mollroy’s story as a tragic story, saying, “She was trying to escape her mother.

She was trying not to hurt anybody, and then she fell into the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Smith described Molls motivations as a person who was trying “to escape her addiction, to get off of the drug, to be free, and not to feel guilty.”

“I know she would have loved to have been free,” Smith said.

“This is a person that was trying so hard to be a better person.

And that’s what this case is all about,” Smith added.

Molloys’ lawyers did not comment for the court hearing.

“We are very happy that she is going to have the opportunity to go back to her life,” her lawyer, William Baugh, said in a statement.

“Her life is ruined, and I want to thank her family, friends, and community for standing by her through this terrible ordeal.”

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